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Welcome to the official website of Pronto Rugby

Pronto Rugby is a ‘Nomad’ national Rugby Team harnessing the power of rugby to make a meaningful impact in society. By combining our passion for the sport with a commitment to social causes, we are raising both funds and awareness for Autism/SEN and Mental Health Charities.

Through exhilarating rugby events and engaging community initiatives, Pronto Rugby rallies support from players, fans, and sponsors alike. Their tireless efforts have resulted in much-needed funds being directed towards Autism East Midlands, supporting individuals and families affected by autism, and the Lighthouse Club, offering crucial mental health resources to those in need.


We raise money and awareness for two chosen charities throughout the year. One of these will be a mental health related charity and the other an Autism charity. Both of these causes have very close connections to many of our founder members therefore adding a personal touch to what we do. We give back to the community also. Wether its donating necessary stationary or equipment to a local SEN school or giving support to others in need, we always do what we can.

For the remainder of 2023 and the whole of 2024, Pronto Rugby will be raising money and awareness for the following two charities:


The future looks bright for Pronto Rugby as we take on more sponsors and aim to help our chosen charities as much as possible.

19 Matches played
4946 Raised so far for our charities
72 Members
18 Sponsors

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